Just getting the site up again after a few years so dont expect much yet as . The star subject here is the theory explaining how the big bang really happened and its much more simple than people might think. I'm hopping to have a forum here and have it so people can post their own new ideas, just got to see how my helpers work out. .Im off for some hospital time so expect a delay.

Will explore stuff like the secrets of consciousness
 and the questions of creating machines capable of the same, FTL and time travel possibilities and anything else of that sort as well as particle stuff like  how to deal with and prepare for a collapsing economy along with theory's on how the whole thing could be fixed etc all, .My minions should help me find any good links to add too.I would like a sort of wikipedia of new ideas where people could add there own stuff here.



ALTERNATE THEORIES and lots of other stuff too
Finally an explanation for how time and space got started that makes sense and can be understood by anyone, . Leads to lots of other explanations as well and its all testable too


Search for the Soul and the hope of intelligent machines and immortality questions.                             


Below is stuff Im hopping to add later and much more so im just re starting the site so no links below yet. Not much traffic yet so why fuss.

An alternative way to make components for robotics etc without a machine shop. Weave a carbon fiber gearbox. Mold your own gears etc.                         

Recovering gold, silver and other metals from old electronics etc and how much from what. Recovering precious metals.

Just getting around to these so lets see how much gold they have. Will probably be done in a week or so.

Got it done now and each CPU gave .0605 grams of gold so would take about 18 CPUs to give about a gram of pure gold. There is more info in link.

.Will also be doing some kneeboard films as I was told they have silver traces.

And I will be doing some of that catalytic converter stuff we see sold in bags as a powder on ebay. Looks like its on some sort of mica and its not the ground up honeycomb stuff that's also sold. I think I may have overplayed for this stuff.


I have learned a lot more lately about economics and the gold and silver markets



Nerd cartoons and my bio too. Just fun stuff.


Alternate technologies. Lots to add here and only some samples are now listed. These will take lots of time to study and write them up and I do not have much time.

Alternate ways to generate energy and a related experiment I got planed.

Alternate ways to power  devices. Looking at the idea of a piezoelectric whistle to generate electricity etc  etc

I am going to do a write of of a potential for a technology that could not only allow for the creation of the first androids but in a more primitive form allow for the study of the brain in detail never before possible.I call it Reverse Engineering steriolithography. The idea is to find a way to create tools to cut up brain tissue into extremely thin layers then by recording and or photographing the individual layers be able to re create its structure using automation. The idea is that you will really only need to understand how the cells work without the need to understand how the all connections will work since the machines can recreate that without your need to understand that part. It will look at possible ways of preserving a brain in a way that would be most suitable for this type of technology etc etc etc.

Super robots. Some ideas for making super strong robots. It getting to look like electric motors just wont cut it and hydraulics requires all sorts of extra machinery to power it and is still to slow. So unless something new comes along you can pretty much forget terminator type robots. So here is an examination of an idea to get around this limitation.


How to make chemicals. Its gotten harder to got some chemicals and besides they are just expensive and shipping is a killer expense on top. Or you just don't have the time to wait for shipments. Formaldehyde from plastic etc.

How to use acids and or chemistry to create works of art